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Integrating Wet Processing Technologies for Improved Manufacturing Control

As the scale of manufacturing processes shrinks of ever smaller depths and device complexity increases, process engineers face the challenges of designing and managing, electropolishing, production processes that assure clean surfaces and feature topology.


Automated cleaning systems for cleaning, stripping and etching.

At PPI Technologies, we concentrate on integrating wet process technologies for the cleaning, stripping or etching of materials and components used in manufacturing nano-scale devices such as semiconductor wafers, biomedical electronics, MEMS and other fine-featured devices.

Cleanrooms Are Not Enough


Chemically compatible tanks in any size and for any application.

Cleanrooms can get the particles out of the environment but when the source of the contamination is within the process itself further steps must be taken. Stripping residue, dust from upstream operations such a polishing or wafer sawing, degradation of processing liquids and others must be considered as part of a well-engineered process.

PPI Technologies works with process engineers to troubleshoot and fine-tune wet processes to streamline production and achieve your quality goals.

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